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Book project titled Metóda je, že metóda není, meaning (The method is that there is no method) is a publication on architecture in praxis and theory by the architect Dalibor Hlaváček. Its first part is focused on his studio’s projects and his students works at Czech Technical University in Prague, faculty of architecture. The second part of the book is focused on projects by the architect Dalibor Hlaváček himself. Text by Dalibor Hlávaček, Graphic design and layout by Kristína Jandová, used typeface Deto Grotesk (, photos of the book by Filip Kartousek.

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PKF Prague

The visual identity for Prague Philharmonia is inspired by graphic notation of music and is following the previous conception of identity.
ΠDisplay typeface family (Light, Regular and Bold) is used for the visual identity of Prague Philharmonia and will be used for the next 5 years. The project is
a collaboration with Kateřina Šuterová, the student at UMPRUM in Prague. Art direction and graphic design by Kateřina Šuterová, Œ typeface family by Kristina Jandova. Prague Philharmonia is an orchestra based in Prague, Czech Republic.

typeface reverse contrast design language avantgarde zaum


Zaum typeface is inspired by the russian futurist avant garde group called Zaum. Zaum are linguistic experiments in sound symbolism and language creation. The construction of the Zaum typeface is created by the reverse contrast pen. The typeface is still in its process of creation by the team of the type design platform Something to write something with. Team: Matej Vojtuš, Lucia Šohajdová, Michal Chrastina and Kristína Jandová.

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ΠDisplay Bold typeface was created for the 9th issue of Πmagazine. Πis an independent fashion magazine from Berlin, Germany. The Πtypeface includes the special OpenType features. Kryptone Monospace Regular typeface is used for the text. The project is a collaboration with Lisa Borges, Studio Maven, Berlin. Art direction, editorial and layout by Lisa Borges, typefaces by Kristina Jandova. Photos of the magazine by Filip Kartousek.

typeface display family font type design opentype fashion contrast features


ΠDisplay typeface includes the growing contrast and a fashion character. The typeface has special OpenType features. The typeface family is available in 4 styles (Light, Regular, Bold and ExtraBold).

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Nefér play

Visual identity for an event titled Nefér play, meaning (Unfair play). The visual identity includes a series of posters for the exhibition, which was part of Zlin Design week in Czech Republic. The exhibition Nefér play was presented as an interactive platform within an installation of Czech toys created by Czech designers. The space of the installation was divided into two parts: one part was focused on the installation of the toys, while the second part was created as a playful game space, including sports games following the main idea of the violation of these game’s rules. This concept offers the user to create his or her own rules for a game. Curators of the installation: Tereza Konečná and Hana Fialová.

contrast sharp serif design Light rounded shapes

Pusa Serif

The word "Pusa" arises from Slovak as well as Czech language and means "Kiss" or "Mouth". Pusa can also be used as an expressive word for a sexually attractive woman. The typeface has characteristic contrasts between the sharp serifs and rounded shapes of the special Open Type features and ligatures. Currently the typeface is still in it's process of creation.

scarf fashion

Fit Shapes

Project is a collaboration with the fashion design student Nikola Kotrasova at VIA University College in Herning, Denmark. The scarf is a part of the fashion design collection 2018. Design and typeface ΠDisplay Regular by Kristina Jandova.

zine Prague publication isabell alexandra german design self-published Praha system grid


The Zine project ‘Hungry German Youth and Czech Nite Tales‘ is a collaboration with the German artist and photographer Isabell Alexandra M. The zine publication includes a series of posters in A3, which are systematically folded into the format of A6 and allow to play with the variable form of the publication. The whole form of the posters is created by grid, which is building a direct system of the layout. The 8 posters are collected in a transparent plastic bag, which was self-published according to the exhibition at the solution, dadaistisches Seminar in Prague. Photographs and texts by Isabell Alexandra M. Design, layout and used typeface KJ Grotesk Regular by Kristina Jandova.

architecture netherland internship rotterdam website design

LRvH Architects

Website for the architecture studio Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, based in Rotterdam. The project was created as a part of intership at Studio de Ronners in Rotterdam, Netherland.

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Kryptone is a monospace typeface with characteristically breaking shapes, which are created for an audiovisual platform Guitar font. A geometrical construction of the typeface is designed in order to allow the wide shape variations in the Guitar font application. The application can manipulate the letters and sounds at once. Project is a collaboration with the developer and electronic musician Martin Blaško, specimen by Michal Chrastina.

illustration fount magazine opencall


Mash-up is an interpretation for the 2nd issue of Fount magazine. The photo marks the starting point in the process of creation. It led to analyzing it and using the short description of the previous picture as the visual code and background for the illustration. The squares between the letters symbolize the space for our imagination while reading. The illustrations are created by the connections between squares.

comics story storyboard illustration typeface geometrical shapes absurd


Absurdity is a comic zine story. I created the storyboard, illustrations and Agomen typeface. The typeface is inspired by old gothic letters. The story is set in a fictional town, where "absurd" situations were happening, which are occurring due manipulation of the media. The comics zine is available in a limited edition of newspapers printed by silkscreen. This project was nominated for the Czech national award for student design.