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TV 2/Norwegian TV

TV 2 is the largest television in Norway and we designed a custom typeface for the new identity while working at the Bold Scandinavia, studio based in Oslo, Norway. In close collaboration with creative director Roar Sager, we decided to base the construction of the typeface on the idea of sharp corners vs 90-degree soft corners. The typeface is a variable font and involves default 7 styles and 2 stylistic sets. The stylistic sets include the idea of small "cuts" inside of the letters and those details are creating a playful character of the uppercase letters in use.

Visual identity and system: Bold Scandinavia
Typeface: Kristina Jandova
CATK Berlin: TV Channel idents

typeface typeface typeface typeface typeface typeface

Ofform typeface

The Ofform typeface is available at Displaay type-foundry and the custom lettering it's designed for the visual identity of OFFORM3D®, made by Creative Nights. OFFORM3D® is a PhyGital Fashion Hub where technology and fashion meet. The characteristic shapes of the letters are inspired by fabric folds and techno-futuristic references. Its bespoke lettering has been transformed into a solid family with regular and italic styles. The stem thickness contrasts with thin lines which you can observe in some glyphs or diacritic. Ofform is online at minisite designed by Creative Nights.

Design: Kristína Jandová, Martin Vácha/Displaay, Creative Nights

typeface design design design design typeface type signange Superfunland Museumofsex

Superfunland NYC

Superfunland is an exhibition at the Museum of Sex in New York. As a collaboration with studio Lovers, based in London & New York, we worked on typographic experiments while I created the erotic signage for an entrance to the SuperFunland exhibition at NYC’s Museum of Sex. This signage is created by three layers, which are combined to one, while the inner part of the signage includes erotic illustrations. The construction of the letters is inspired by bold and playful carnival posters. Superfunland signage is part of the identity for it's upcoming show.

Visual identity: studio Lovers, Signage: Kristina Jandova

typeface typeface paris monospace design monospace type typedesign


Utopian is a monospace typeface, which is inspired by the unique brutalist architecture of the building Les Arènes de Picasso, and located in the eastern part of the district Noisy-le-Grand, Paris. After I first saw it I immediately was inspired by his monumental building and the construction of the pillar and windows as the main part of the construction. Exactly these elements became the main part of the construction of the typeface. Utopian typeface reflects the part of science fiction in the real world. With first ideas and sketches I started in 2017 during my internship at Production type in Paris and still the typeface is in it's process of creation.

studio web identity typeface grotesk OPX design type

OPX Identity

OPX Medium is a grotesk custom typeface designed by Kristína Jandová for new visual identity OPX Studio. Typeface is characteristic by geometric and responsive opentype features with contextual alternatives which generate different combinations every time it's used. OPX logotype and typeface is the main part of new identity and website. OPX Studio is a brand agency based in London.

Fontsmith typeface design london

FS Meridian

FS Meridian is a rhythmic geometric grotesque which takes inspiration from the precise yet imperfect nature of time. Designed by Kristína Jandová, creative direction by Phil Garnham and production by Stuart de Rozario (Fontsmith). FS Meridian is a typeface available online at Fontsmith. Fontsmith is a leading independent type foundry based in London. Specimen book designed by Kristína Jandová and OPX Studio.

magazine typeface oefamily fashion berlin oetypeface oemagazine germany opentype printed story type design type


ΠDisplay Bold typeface was created for the 9th issue of Πmagazine. Πis an independent fashion magazine from Berlin, Germany. Πtypeface includes the special OpenType features. Kryptone Monospace typeface is used for the copy. This project was a collaboration with Lisa Borges, Studio Maven, Berlin. Art direction, editorial and layout by Lisa Borges, typefaces by Kristina Jandova. Photos of the magazine by Filip Kartousek.

graphic graphic visual identity philharmonia prague typeface design

Prague Philharmonia

The visual identity for Prague Philharmonia is inspired by graphic notation of music and is following the previous conception of identity. Œ Display typeface family is used for the visual identity of Prague Philharmonia. The project is a collaboration with Kateřina Šuterová, the student at UMPRUM in Prague. Art direction and graphic design by Kateřina Šuterová, Œ typeface family by Kristina Jandova. Prague Philharmonia is an orchestra based in Prague, Czech Republic.

font display type design opentype fashion contrast


ΠDisplay typeface includes the growing contrast and a fashion character. The typeface has special OpenType features. The typeface family is available in 4 styles (Light, Regular, Bold and ExtraBold).

typeface reverse design avantgarde zaum


Zaum typeface is inspired by the russian futurist avant garde group called Zaum. Zaum are linguistic experiments in sound symbolism and language creation. The construction of the Zaum typeface is created by the reverse contrast pen. The typeface is still in its process of creation by the team of the type design platform Something to write something with.

Team: Matej Vojtuš, Lucia Šohajdová, Michal Chrastina & Kristína Jandová. Design of posters by Matej Vojtuš.